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My Newest Book–

The River:

A Parable of Life

All of us have gazed at a river…

Sometimes we feel awe, sometimes peace, but always the river evokes something deep within our hearts. Could it be that we have more in common with the flowing river than we know? The River is an inspirational meditation on the nature of the ever flowing water, how we are like it, and how we can gain wisdom and peace from contemplating this truth. Illustrated with over a dozen full color photographs of the Doe River Gorge of East Tennessee, this gift book is the second in The Parables of Life wisdom series.

Available free to download and read as a PDF, and in a full color paperback for $6.99 from Amazon.

The Sunflower:

A Parable of Life

Once upon a time there was a sunflower seed…

…so begins a simple tale of trust & beauty & becoming that we can all relate to.  Often it is the simplest of ideas that can lead to profound shifts in our lives. The Sunflower tells such a story, one that is well worth reading, pondering, and sharing with those you love.

Available in a free PDF to read, and in a beautifully illustrated full color softcover gift book for $6.99 from Amazon.


I have also published two anthologies of my inspirational and devotional writings from Light Along the Journey. Although all of the content in these two books are to be found here on this site, many people still find that holding a printed book or paging through a Kindle lends itself to a better reading experience.

Tools for Life

Choosing Between Conflicting Priorities…

Persevering in Difficult Situations…

Loving even Unlovable People…

Finding Joy in Daily Life…

Sound familiar?

Facing challenges like these and finding solutions to them is part of the business of being human.

It’s not so easy, is it? Most of the answers we need won’t come from television shows or talk radio. Most of us have already figured out that the simple pre-packaged answers aren’t really what we need to deal with the business of life.

What we need are tools— tools for life.

That’s what you are holding in your hands— a collection of tools for your life. Short, practical articles with one goal: helping you lead a successful and enjoyable life.

Whether it’s priorities or perseverance, living with integrity or loving God, Tools for Life will be a book you can turn to again and again as you work through the challenges of your life.

You can order Tools for Life in paperback for $5.95 or download the Kindle edition for only 99 cents.

Learning Through Life

Death & divorce, tears & trials, love & loss, passion and purpose—

How to we deal with all that life throws at us?

Where can we go to find the answers?

Where is God in all of this?

Could it be that God is using the experiences of life to teach us day by day?

That some of the answers to life actually come through life?

Learning Through Life is a honest, compassionate look at life and what God can teach us through it. From whimsical modern parables like “There’s Not Enough Pepsi in my Gas Tank!” to insightful devotions on hope, trials, wisdom, & acceptance, the chapters in Learning Through Life will help you to see God’s patient instruction in all aspects of your life’s journey with Him. So get ready to follow some jellybeans, look down at your compass, look up at the sunrise, and travel through an enjoyable and uniquely inspiring anthology.

Learning Through Life is $6.95 from Amazon in paperback and 99 cents for the Kindle edition.